Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions.

A ton of fashion blogs exist out there in the interweb. I have seen and read many of them. I think everyone has a unique perspective, and I have enjoyed reading them.

One thing I noticed, however, was that many blogs did not *remix* the items on a consistent basis; rather, many bring in new clothes every few weeks. Like most, I would love to buy clothes every few weeks, but I am too busy and with insufficient funds to go shopping, even if it be a thrift store.

My goal in this blog is to *try* and wear all the clothes I have for one year, and afterwards, whatever clothes I do not wear, I will either sell or give away to various charities. I know I have a lot of clothes and like any girl who loves fashion, I love to look cute. Recently, I realised I have way too many clothes and I don't really wear most of it, yet I seem to keep buying more and more clothes. Hence, this blog.

A caveat: I will keep all my office clothes even if I do not wear them this year because when I *am* to reenter the workforce, it would be nice to have the suits I wore when I went to an office. In addition, this attempt to wear all my clothes does not preclude the fact that I *will* go shopping. I am, however, hoping that this attempt to wear only what I have will curtail this desire and hopefully let me save money for what is important.

With that, anchors aweigh!!!