Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where To Thrift In DC

Sassy Marmalade asked me in the comments where I thrifted in DC. I thought I would talk a little about it, and maybe add on to it each time I go somewhere new.

When I first found out about thrifting, I was pretty excited about the idea of refashioning clothes, or even finding new treasures. Truly, it was the thrill of the chase. There were so many that people talked about, but the ones that they raved about were vintage stores, like Annie Creamcheese, and Meeps, to name a few. If I am honest, however, I never really went to any of these because when I am in Georgetown (which I try not to go unless I absolutely have to), or in Adams Morgan, I'm not going to go there to shop at a thrift store, no matter how awesome or vintage they may be.

Thrift Stores I've Visited

1) Goodwill on Glebe: I like their dress selection. And their suit selection. Their accessories are a bit to be desired. BUT(!), if you *do* find something there, it's definitely cheaper than the other Goodwill at Falls Church. The best thing I found there was an Etro scarf for a dollar. Yes. A dollar. I almost peed in my pants. But the gash on my wrist from getting said scarf is a testament to my tenacity. This was also the place that I found the new, with tags, H&M dress that I didn't buy. I like to look at the dresses and suits for two key reasons: 1) there is too much other stuff in the other items and I'm not that patient; and 2) I find the better items in the suits and dresses rather than the skirts, and jeans, and other stuff.

I also find the *quality* better here than the one in Falls Church. Like the Etro, I've found a Moschino suit that I'm dying to wear, and also some DvF, that, had it fit me, I would have bought. (damn boobs) I've also seen Christian Dior suits (and I know they are authentic, because trust me, I just know) and other nice goodies.

2) Goodwill near the Target in Falls Church: This place has some awesome belts, and accessories. Sometimes. Like this belt. I also saw this really cute sequined cummerbund, in gold, new, but didn't buy it because sometimes, it takes my brain 4 hours to realise that I made a dumb move.

Like I stated, this place is hit or miss. Sometimes, I find some really awesome things. Like said belt, and also some sweet accessories. I also found some vintage St. John skirts, one of which I gave to my aunt. But again, hit or miss. I also got this awesome dress from here, too. You really have to look, but since it's smaller than the Goodwill in Glebe, sometimes, when the mood strikes me, I'll pop in right before heading out to Target. Kind of like an amuse bouche to my main course.

Here is a great link from a prolific fashion blogger, Brooke, of all the thrift stores in DC where she has gone, with her reviews of them. I also really like Kasmira's and Allie's advise on thrifting.

One important comment: I would recommend dry cleaning or washing your clothes after you get them. I do it for all of them. I don't care what they are.  You never know where they've been and also, I keep thinking about bed bugs. Gross. I read somewhere that if you wash your clothes with vinegar it should get rid of all the germs. I don't know if it's true, but I just wash it and dry it normally and hope the water kills the little buggers. I also clean all the jewelry and clean all the shoes. I mean seriously spray it with everything under the sun.

Where I'd Like to Go

I still would like to go to a few places. One is Unique Thrift Store. Every time I pass by it on my home from the Korean market, I tell myself that I should pop by, and then I remember I have a ton of perishables and I just go home.

The other place is Joseph's Coat, a place I actually heard about from another fellow blogger, Katie. Haven't gone yet, but I pass it every time I go to eat Korean food, and I remind myself to go there when I have time, and well, I think you see a pattern.

I'm not a big fan of the consignment stores around here, because I think they are kind of pricey. I bought this really cute Nannette Lepore tank, but really, I think I overpaid at 50 USD. I might try Plato's Closet, even though it's really far away, however, because they are very similar to Buffalo Exchange.

Lastly, I've been *dying* to go to estate sales. They seem like the new thrift stores. I am actually on an email list, but I have never gone to any because Mr. T doesn't want to wake up in the crack of dawn on the weekend, as it is his day off, and I am too lazy to go myself. If anyone want to go with me, and you are in DC, drop me an email and let's plan it out. =)

One Final Note: I went thrifting in Texas and let me tell you, I found the *best* stuff there. I went to a thrift store and was bowled over at these two really amasing hand-made Indian copper goblets. For only 15 dollars! I didn't buy them because I really don't have a need for said goblets, but WOW were they beautiful. I did, however, buy a set of 8 china plates for 20 bux. Totally worth it. I also went to the Goodwill there and got myself an amasing vintage bag made in Italy for 3 dollars and this Neiman's bag for a buck! It was like thrifting heaven. I kind of regret not buying the companion knit bag, also made in Italy, also 3 USD. But I was with Mr. T and he wasn't that thrilled that I was in a thrift store, with my Longchamp bag, browsing, whilst the people around me were not there for the "thrill of the chase." (I have to tell you how many "I <3 USA" t-shirts I saw inside the Goodwill. Some were bedazzled. Some were not. It was a spectacle. I should have gotten one. Just because.)

Which I gets to my tip of the day: look at the label. If it says "Made in China," chances are, that Prada bag is really a Prado. Also, even if it *is* a Prado bag, or Adidos shoes, if they look good, buy it!


  1. I'm totally down for estate sale stalking. Once, back when I was fresh out of college and living in a group house and we needed a dining table and noticed that the house across the street was having an estate sale - just that once, I went to one. The stuff was amazing. Old, real furniture, dishes, vases, some costume jewelry, etc. We bought a beautiful old table for, like, 40 bucks. Thinking of all this now, I don't know why I've never been to another.

  2. Oh yes, let's definitely go to estate sales. We can drink our Starbux lattes and look for hidden treasures. I love that idea!


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