Friday, January 21, 2011

Burnt Toast

I know I haven't really been writing very much, but to honest, I'm a little burnt out. I have so much to say, but I don't know if I'm not just not ready to get into the swing of things or what, but all I want to do is just watch TV, sleep, and just chill out. Every time I start typing, I feel like it's a chore, and that's when I know I need to clear my mind a little. Maybe enjoy the brisk chilly air. And, get a latte.

I'm still ruminating the future of this blog; i.e. in what direction should I go? I met so many wonderful people both in real life, and also via email through this blog and I hope to continue to meet more. For whatever reason, I am on the shyer side. I do well in smaller settings than a huge crowd when it comes to mingling. This blog allows me to interact with everyone one-on-one, rather than flit through a crowd of people I don't know. I feel very lucky to be able to do such a thing each and every day.

With that, I hope you will understand the sporadic posting since December. I haven't forgotten you, and I love to write. I hope you continue to support me during my "slow" phase.

Much Love, Jane.


  1. Take it easy, blogging can feel a bit like a full time job sometimes. Take a break but if possible, keep writing! :)

    I am a shy person too, despite how different it looks from my blog...but I'm glad I've been meeting great people because of this blog :D

  2. that's quite alright...we love ya Jane. Post when you feel like it, gurl!!!!

  3. Understandable, we all get burnt out sometimes--or at least I do! Good luck with everything!

    Thanks for the sweet blog comment, be sure to enter my giveaway if you haven't already! :o)


  4. Totally understand. Real life gets in the way of virtual life from time to time! And it's hard to figure out a direction for a blog, but it's ok to experiment!

  5. Jane! I hope you are well and that life is treating you wonderfully.


Thanks so much for commenting! I always appreciate your thoughts. Much Love, Jane.